Our Story

Marina De Buchi is a Jewelry Designer from London, England. It was at a women's event in London in 2013 that Marina found out through an organisation A21 (anti-human trafficking) presentation that slavery still exists and that there are actually more slaves in the world today than ever before. Marina walked out of the event with a fire in her heart and knew that this day would change her life forever. She knew that she had to do something. 

Through her passion to make an impact, she started Marina De Buchi. 

In 2014 Marina De Buchi designed her first collection with the sole purpose to raise awareness to help fight human trafficking, also contributing 10% of the sales price directly to The A21 Campaign (anti-human trafficking organisation).

Since the website launch in 2015, Marina De Buchi has innovated the jewelry designs to a high quality to last a lifetime. Marina De Buchi has on going mission to put an end to modern day slavery and to empower women through the messages behind the jewelry. Through choosing our products you are joining a movement women who are passionate about using their voice to speak on behalf of those that cannot speak for themselves. 

Our Mission

Marina De Buchi exists to fight human trafficking, even if we impact just one life, it would be completely worth it. We are passionate about freedom, empowering fearless women and seeing them thrive and chase after their unique dreams. We believe that it’s not the jewelry that will change the world, but the women who wear them will. Through our personalised jewellery designs we seek to empower women to be their individual unique selves, to inspire and empower them in your life journey.

Our mission is to fight modern day slavery and through purchasing you are contributing to help us put an end to it.
We believe that by simply wearing the jewelry and speaking on behalf of those that have no voice - together, we will change the world

Why we support The A21 Campaign...

    • Slavery still exists - there are approximately over 40 million people in slavery right now
    • Human trafficking is the fastest growing organised crime 
    • Only 1% of victims are ever rescued 

But... you can make a difference!

  • Every purchase we donate 10% of the sales price to The A21 Campaign
  • The A21 Campaign uses the funds to help REACH (prevent human trafficking), RESCUE (prosecuting traffickers) and to RESTORE (helping restore victims of trafficking).
  • We created our jewelry, as a tool to spark conversation and raise awareness to let others know that slavery still exists.

Find out more about The A21 Campaign at www.a21.org