'Beyond Fear, Lies Freedom' Bracelet | Luxe Collection

Marina De Buchi

'Beyond Fear, Lies Freedom' Bracelet | Luxe Collection
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Beyond Fear, Lies Freedom
Marina De Buchi

"Sometimes what you're most afraid of is the very thing that will set you free" - Unknown

The dainty, bird bracelet is linked onto a delicate, gold chain.
The bracelet was designed with purpose and to be worn as a daily reminder that beyond fear lies freedom. We challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and be free in all areas of your life - to replace fear with curiosity and to feel the fear, but to do it anyway! 

We believe in Freedom.
Every bracelet purchased online will donate 10% of the sales price to help fight human trafficking, through our partner charity The A21 Campaign.

Follow your dreams
Our heart is to inspire people to follow their dreams and live a limitless and free life! Each individual bracelet has a meaning behind it, choose one that is relevant to you at this time in your life. The bracelet is displayed onto a textured, white card with an inspiring quote that links to that particular pendant. The card is also silver foiled with a note from the designer: 'with love Marina De Buchi'.

About the Bracelet
- Fits most sizes 
- Adjustable 3cm Extender Chain 
- Made of Base Metals 
- Gold Colour Bracelet
- Nickel Free

Bracelet Packaging 
- White Textured Card
- Printed Quote: "Beyond Fear, Lies Freedom"
- Dimensions: 8.5cm in height & 10.5cm in width 

with love 

Marina De Buchi