We are so excited to announce, that our bracelets are featured in the Spring CAUSEBOX.

CAUSEBOX is a seasonal subscription box and all products included are beautiful, ethical and all support different causes to help make the world a better place! This box is made up of products from all women founder/girl bosses! We love all of the products, but what is really inspiring is the causes that are being supported and the women behind them!

The bracelets featured in this box, are the gold plated LUXE "Unlock your dreams" bracelet and the "You are my moon & stars" bracelet. As much as we love the jewelry, our biggest passion is the purpose the bracelets hold.

We aspire to inspire and empower women with the messages behind our jewelry, each piece is intentionally designed with a purpose to have an impact and to be a reminder that you are needing in your current season of life, we hope that your jewelry not only completes your outfits, but also serves a purpose as a reminder always be yourself, to be fearless and to keep going, to keep believing in your hopes and your dreams. 

Not only are the bracelets beautiful, inspiring and dainty, but they are also an amazing way to spark a conversation to raise awareness that slavery still exists and to promote freedom. 

We have also recently re-launched our jewelry collections to LUXE, this means all the jewely on our website will be of the highest quality materials and dipped in real gold plating and welded links for a quality that lasts! 

Through our partnership this collaboration, we have been able to give both ours and CAUSEBOX largest donation yet! The donation is going to The A21 Campaign and specifically to help support a child advocacy centre in Thailand. This centre helps to prosecute child sex offenders, fight child trafficking and online crimes against children. We couldn't be more excited to get to support a cause like this and it's all because of people like YOU! 

Thank you so much, you truly are making a difference to so many lives!

There's nothing that we are more passionate about than fighting human trafficking and simply through purchasing our products and CAUSEBOX - you are changing the world. We cannot wait to keep you updated along the way.

With love,