Unlock Your Dreams LUXE Bracelet

I'm a big believer in pursuing dreams - I actually designed the 'unlock your dreams' bracelet, as a daily reminder to follow your dreams, to keep going and to not give up. 

I live by the quote “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” - I make sure my dreams are written down, on my phone screen & in front of me when I wake up, I also make vision boards & they work every time. If you don’t decide the direction of your life, someone else will - and of course when you dream big dreams... it’s scary. Everyday I feel afraid, if I’m honest. I overthink & fear things “might” happen ... “what if something goes wrong" or “what if I have to speak in public?!” Anyway, these feelings of fear will come & go - what really matters is to keep going, take it day by day, push through despite the fear & to do it anyway. It’s not always easy, but everyday I make a decision to do what I love, despite “what could go wrong” - fear is just an illusion really. I always look back & thank myself for pushing past my feelings -what we are afraid of is usually a way bigger deal in our minds than it actually is in reality.

So many amazing, talented and inspiring people tell me about their dreams (it’s my favourite thing to ask about) but unfortunately when it comes to talking about making the dreams happen, the conversation ends with excuses... “one day I will” or “when I’m older or have enough money or when....” I understand we have to sometimes be logical (kind of) and the “unknown” can be scary - but you can choose your pain, the pain of change, or the pain of nothing changing - your comfort zone is great, but the problem is nothing grows there.

Most of the time we make excuses because we are afraid or don’t feel capable (no one ever really knows what they are doing though) - anyway, I’m just writing this to say, these feelings are normal - we are human. But please don’t let these feelings of fear or inadequacy stop you from pursing your dreams, take it step by step, fight for your dreams, write them down & read them everyday, put pictures all over your walls.

"Someday” doesn’t exist... your time is now! 

with love,